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Fractured Elbow


My 15 year old son broke his elbow in football.
He had a cast on for 4 weeks and started physical therapy after that.
He has attended physical therapy 2-3 times a week for close to 2 months now.
The measurements show improvement with extension and some with flexing but not great.
The orthopedic spesensoredt says he is young and will get close to 90% or more range of motion back. All I see is a bent arm that does not look the way it used to. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge on this?


  1. I Fractured my elbow playing basketball with some boys i didnt know that well apparently they were mad cause i was winning and 1 pushed me in mid-air to the ground and the first thing that touched was my elbow i went to the doctor and he said 2 weeks it’s been 4 and and it still hurts when i bend it is there anything i can do at home..

  2. hey,i fractured my elbow by falling of my moped,i had an operation on it and now have 5 screws and a plate in there,i can bend my arm to touch my shoulder but can fully exted it straight yet.Its a pain but ive been given exercises to do,im just scared that the bone is going to set so i wont be able to fully extend it.