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fractured fibula


I broke my leg, right fibula spiral fracture on Oct. 4, 2002. I was seeing an orthopedic surgen (paying cash) who told me I needed “pins and a plate” to fix it correctly. He was honest and told me it was very expensive,I went and got Medecal. The only doctor I could see was also an “ortho”. He did an x-ray where I could still see the bone protruding, displaced, and shadowed where it should have been solid. (Nov. 18) He then gave me a back to work order, told me I would be fine by Dec. 1. I waited until May to find a job that does not require alot of walking (I was a waitress before)Now I work at a desk making 1/5 of the money I am used to. BUT the point is that Im in PAIN…. If I walk more than a block or so in a day, I feel as though my leg is rebroken all over again. I need help finding an ortho in my area who takes my new insurance (iehp) My PCP saw my latest x-rays and said “you definently need to see an orthopedic surgen, Ill call you with a referral.
He never did!Now im looking for a new pcp …..yadayadayada… Suggestions or help would be great! thank you, Lorie Jean


  1. I read your note on the web. I am a podiatrist in Pennsylvania and I do alot of trauma and ankle fractures. How are you doing today? Was your fracture classified by someone? I have seen many ankle fractures that are at the level of the talus. When minimally displaced they are reated without surgery and most don’t do well. Let me know how its going ect.Dr.Lund

    • My son has been limping for about a month, not in alot of pain but I took him to the doctor thinking it was the muscle. Yesterday he had a MRI and the doc just called and said he has a fracture fibula. He is 13 and wants to play football this fall. Do you think this will be possible? Also what do they do for a fracture fibula? Like I said he is not in alot of pain and from the MRI films it looks to me like maybe it is a hairline fracture. We will go to ortho early next week.

  2. 12 weeks ago I broke my fibula bike riding. Doctor cast me, second x-ray at 2 weeks, cast off at 4 weeks, follow up at 6 weeks. Told me what exercises to do. Told him I was in alot of pain. Said it was normal. Received a 2nd opinion yesterday, end of week 11. The break is still there. Got a new cast on with a recheck in 4 weeks. This is a nightmere! I could see the displaced bone sticking into the joint area beteen the tibia and talus. Dr. #2 commented that the displacement was to the point where surgery could have been done.
    Any suggestions? What is the standard treatment for such a fracture? Obviously not treated like athlete Michael Vicks… Deni Halladay

  3. Definitely get a referral to either a podiatrist or orthopedist. I’m sorry, I don’t know California’s rules. Keep nagging someone until you get the referral.Good luck.