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fractured metatorsal lttle toe


I fractured my foot while trveling in Kansas and drove back to Dallas to the Er where they took x-rays and sent to a doctor there, I had 3 cast on while there and then they sent me home with a boot and said the x-rays showed it was healing slowly. It has been going on the 7 week now and I still don’t feel up to par it still is swelling up and the other foot that I sprang at the same time has a lot of pain under the instep.
I don”t know if I should fly back to Dallas or try to find someone to look at it here,is it ok to fly again with the swelling, should I try to walk on it, do I need to move around more on it, all I do is lay down, and don’t move it. my legs hurt too from not moving them. How long does it take for the swelling to subsideshould I be worried? what can I do to help the swelling to go down? Tahnk you. Joanie