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fractured rib


I have a fractured rib confirmed by Dr. and x-rays. Just what can I do or not do?
Is rest that important? Don’t like taking pain killers (Motrin 800mg-try to take only at night and about 400 distributed througout the day.)but is that important?Also, how do I read responses to messages that have been posted? Thanks Reba


  1. : Also, how do I read responses to messages that have been posted? Thanks Fractured ribs pretty much heal on their own and there is no type of brace or cast that can be applied. I recommend you do you lifting, pushing or pulling. Do the following exercises a couple times a day 10-20 times each…First your neck…look up and down, then side to side and ear to your shoulder. Do shoulder shrugs, rolls forward and back. Raise your arms overhead as far as you can comfortably. You will increase your range as your ribs heal. Cross your arms across your chest and then open out to the side. Sit in a chair with good upright posture and do deep breathing trying to expand your lungs letting pain be your guide. As you heal take deeper breaths. One of the biggest dangers with broken ribs is that people shallow breath and sometimes get pneumonia. Give yourselve a good 6-8 weeks before you do any strenuous work. Also, you can use ice to control the pain. Good luck, Mya: Reba