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fractured sternum


I have a “subtle nondisplaced coronal fracture” of the sternum from a car wreck two weeks ago, and I’m hoping to find advice re: how long the pain will last, and how soon I can start working out again. I prefer Pilates, and I can’t put much weight on my arms without serious pain as yet. Any advice?


  1. I had a serious car accident but have suvived it. I have a fracture sternum, I have had all possible x rays etc. It feels as though I have more than one areq that moves, clicks. I am a very fit person doing a regimented training programme, medically will this assist me to heal quicker.What stregthening movements or what can I do and when to assist my body during this process.

  2. hi my mum has just came out of hopital with a fractured sterum and she is wanting to know how long do’s it usually take to heal. thanks.

    • my husband recedntly underwent a bypass surgery, he recovered well, but shortly thereafter he had a laparoty for a bowel obstruction. Things went wrong in theatre and went into a coma. I then transferred him to the Milpark hospital, and we suspect that the 1st hospital administered CPR, which cracked the sternum. The clicking noise I believe is normal after such a procedure, however the pain is worse and it seems that the sterum has plit. What would be the best treatment?