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Hairline fracture at my ankle


I went to hiking and aprian my ankle. After three days, I went to see the doctor. He took X-ray and told me there is a hairline fracture at my ankle. I have been using the crutches and aircast for three weeks . It is still hirting.Sometimes my foot get swellon worth.How long could I recover?Thanks!


  1. I had an accident in october, my ankle swelled up for a couple of months doctors kept saying it was just a bad sprain. Then it continued to get worse, swollen, pain,etc. my doctor finally sent me to an orthopaedic doctor, had an mri done and they found a hairline fracture, they are using an air cast. I went back to the doctor today 1/31/08, and i told him it still hurts real bad. he asked if i was using the air cast, i said sometimes, he said use it all the time and come back in 3 weeks and he take another xray. what do i do i am up all night with pain. he told me to take aleve, i take vicodin from a previous auto accident last may. what should i do i can’t take the pain much more, i can’t work, or do anything. please help me, Paula Meyer,513-382-6040

  2. hurt my ankle months ago, had x-ray and told hairline fracture, put elastic tubing on it and said it would heal itself, but am still in pain and hard to walk.