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hallux rigidus


Do you know of any orthotics used for hallux rigidus caused by arthritis. Also do you know a good physician in the Washington or Baltimore area who specializes in the origin of arthritis whether it be rheumatoid, osteoporosis, etc.?Thanks

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  1. A podiatrist made orthotics for me. they helped raise my arch and took some of the pressure off the ball of my foot. This wasn’t much help, so I went to an orthopedic surgeon who had me buy carbon fiber insoles. This stiffens the sole of the shoe and keeps the toe from bending up as you “push off” when walking. This has helped with the pain;however, the disadvantage for a woman is that you can only pyt them in tie shoes, or shoes with a strap (like a Mary Jane). the shoe also needs to have a removable footbed, so you can put the insole under this.

  2. I just had surgery for hallux rigidus on 2/7/2002. I never found any shoe inserts to help before surgery. If you can find a shoe that has a curved bottom or one with the toe section angled up, you may find relief. The only shoes that I could wear without pain were my running shoes and I could only walk (no running, no jumping). My surgery was a cheilectomy and an osteotemy. Not much pain. I just need to wait for it too heal.

  3. I have a hallux rigidus which is not yet too bad.Two doctors here in Frankfurt Germany told me that there isn’t anything they can do (except surgery, which I don’t fancy very much or cortison injections)and they said that “I have to live with this problem”.But I don’t want to give up. From some information I got from the Internet there is a hint that by doing foot exercise to strenghten the muscles (for example streching) you could get a positive result.Now my question for you Thanks in advance or your reply and ….I apologize for my poor English.RegardsGabriele Hoffmann