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hard lump prox pip joint of 4th & 5th toes


I have a hard lump on prox pip joint on 4th and 5th toes that started hurting 2 weeks ago, have referal to podiatrist but apt is 3 weeks away, round pads with hole do not help, cannot wear anything but sandals.
I work as an ED nurse on my feed 12 hrs/day, if nothing presses on them they don’t hurt, but am not suposed to wear sandals to work. I have never worn tight shoes, wear burks/ z coils/ and tennis shoes.
what are they? how do I make them go away?
I assume I need some sort of proceedure.


  1. You probably have hammertoes with either an overlying corn or a precursor to the corn which is sometimes called a knuckle pad. Shoes as you know aggravate this. Have you looked at wearing a shoe with a wide toe box such as the SAS Freetime? ALso when is the last time your foot was measured? Feet like the rest of the body can change shape with age.