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heel bumps


I have soft bumps on both of my heels. They do not hurtbut are certainly very UNATTRACTIVE They are noticableat all times but especially when i step down. They range in size and are soft to push on them. They almost remind me of blisters. Can you please advise onwhat these are and if there is any treatment for them?


  1. I am not an MD but if they are infact Piezogenic papules (which I have learned are common especially in people who are overweight) you may also want to rule out other causes and not just assume they are harmless. Piezogenic papules can also be seen in a genetic collagen disorder called Ehlor-Danlos syndrome (or EDS). It may be worth checking out. EDS is not common in the general population so I dont want to scare you – but its worth checking out if you are curious. Especially if you consider yourself to be hyperflexible or have joint issues.

  2. Without seeing them, I am guessing, but you probably have what are referred to as Piezogenic papules. These are harmless herniations of the plantar fat pad of your heel. As far as I know, there is no treatment indicated.