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My 10 yo son has been c/o heel pain x2 weeks.
No obvious swelling/injury.
Thought it was from shoes-bought new shoes no improvement.
Started baseball allstars practice last week-now limping.
Has one more week of practice before games begin.
Think it may be apophysitis-what can we do??? He would be heartbroken to miss all-star games.


  1. I have heel spurs. While in Florida for the winter, the podiatrist prescribed a Dorsal Night Splint and a similar product to be worn with a shoe during day time. Unfortunately, I forgot to take these devices after leaving Florida. Can you suggest replacements?Thanks in advance,L. B. Taranko

  2. Without seeing him, I can not say for sure. Calacaneal apophysitis is noted in children of this age. Until the growth plate in the heel closed, this can occur when overuse occurs. Common entry level treatments can include ice, heel lifts, orthotics, stretching, taping, orthotics and REST!!! Many child athletes and their parents dislike hearing this part, but it is true. Very infrequently, immobilization is indicated.I recommend you take him to a podiatrist for further evaluation.