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heel problem


hi, i play tennis professionaly and lately i have been having a lot of pain at the back of my heel. a doctor told me that i have an inflamation in the achilies tendon where it meets the bone. i was taking some anti-inflamatory pills and getting some ultra sound treatment. i would like to know if there is something else that should be done. its been 2 months now with no improvement. i stopped playing and i would like to know how long this usually takes? is it a really serious injury?

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  1. Usually if there is inflammation in the achilles I tell folks to put a small lift into their shoe. You may also have a bit of plantarfasciatis that is causing heel pain. You need to see a PT that is certified in kinesio taping. Ask your doc if you can have a PT script and call around to the PT clinics in your area.