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PLEASE let me know what to do…….A few years ago I Jammed my big toe into a concrete piller.
It has been out of socket every since.
The ball just behind the toe sticks out of the side of my foot and the toe is twisted and bent towards the 2nd toe.Some days there is no pain at all for weeks at a time, but some days it swells up so much that my entire foot is swollen.
I dont dare try to pop it back into socket as the pain would be unbearable.Plus I dont know exactly what the problem is.
Who should I see, And what would the cost to have it popped back into socket if that is what is required.??
Thanks SO much !!


  1. Dislocation or subluxation of the first MPJ or big toe joint will lead to progressive arthritis and crippling pain in due time. I would consider seeing a foot spesensoredt like a podiatrist and have your condition evalutated. I have relocated dislocations in the acute setting, but your condition is a ‘few years old’, so likealy a joint replacement surgery to restore motion or joint fusion may be needed. I have a nice discussion on joint replacement surgery on our site at Good luck Al Kline DPMpodassociatesFORUMwww.podassociates.proboards25/

  2. I recommend you see a podiatrist. After x-rays are taken then you will have a discussion of your treatment options. To see is to know, not to see is to guess.

  3. Most insurance companies will cover this injury. If not, you may work out a deal with a surgeon and surgery center. Good Luck!Al Kline DPMwww.podassociates.proboards25/PODIATRY ASSOCIATES FORUMpodassociatesPODIATRY ASSOCIATES

  4. I have no insurance……..trying to find coverage that fully insures a podiatrist in Miami.Thanks for your help….hope you might have ideas on the best coverage that will handle this ?