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how to treat hyperextended knees


I am a 20 year old female with hypperextended knees. I have wrestled since I was 13 and played rugby since I was 14, because of these activities my knees are ruined, My doctor tells me that I f I play anymore I will permanently ruin my knees so his advice is to quit playing, but I will not, rugby season starts up in the fall, But I have decided to take some time off to build up the strength in the knees, is there anyway that I may be able to do this quickly, I do mot want to give up my postion on the team. Please anyone that can help I would be gratefulThank you very much


  1. > Believe me you so not want Hyperextended kees, they cause many problems. The fact you are a dancer means that you need your knees,&legs.But if you must. as a rugby player all my power comes from my legs & knees, I just do a lot of line drills, a lot of road work, when I want to work on the knees, I have someone stand in front of me, stand knees bent, stronger on e a likke ahead of weaker one, feet shoulder width apart, and you push with all your might against that person, I also do TAI CHI,Arnes, and kick boxing. Good Luck

  2. This may come as a shock, but I was wondering is there any way to develope hyperextended knees? The reason im asking this is because I am a 17 year old dancer, and would like to have hyperextended knees, for sertain dance reasons. If there are any methods to developing them, please send it to me. I know this is a site to treat them, but i would like to have them if possible.