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hyperextended elbow


i’m not sure but i think i’ve hyperextended my elbow.last week i feel backwards hard on my floor. my armsformed a 45 degree angle with the palms of my handshitting the floor first. my right elbow was jarred backa bit beyond its usual straightened position and i couldfeel something was not right. at first it hurt a bit but ihad normal range of motion. shortly after it startedswelling and my range decreased and the pain morning the next day my range was limited to about 65%range of motion. i could not and still can not fully straightenmy arm. though i can bend it at a 90 degree angle withsome considerable pain and discomfort. i do have most ofmy motion and can fully rotate my arm. there is harldly anyapparent swelling or brusing. the first few days i used icecompresses on off 20 minutes. than stopped. i’ve gone backto using them. about how long does an injury like this taketo heal? should i see a doctor? could it be a fracture or dislocation?

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