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hyperextended knee


hi, how long does it take to heal a hyperextended knee fully. Thanks


  1. Could you please give me some advice on how to treat this kind of injury,I have been off a week from work I can now put some weight on it.but a brace gives it the ability to stand up on it without pain,I am no longer using pain medicine so its not hurting to much since I did hurt my knee I am afraid it will start giving me problems,my age is 49 and somewhat overweight.thanks

  2. Hello, Looking for advice. 4 days ago I hyperextended knee my left knee. It was a minor stretch yet after a few hours I found it to be a major problem. Pain level has dropped in severity, yet walking still is a challange. I never know which step will put me in pain. I need to golf for 8 days starting Nov 26 & hope you can offer excersizes & any wrap/unwrap suggestions. Frank