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Itchy and Swollen Feet


I have very poor circulation in my hands and feet and it seems that if my feet ever get really cold I get little red bumps on some of my toes. The bumps start to swell and then the rest of my toes swell and become red and itchy. My doctor recommended taking and antihistamine to relieve symptoms, but I am wondering exactly what the cause is and what I can do to prevent this from happening? Thank you,Hanna


  1. I have something very similar being trated with anti-fungal cream. I found information on the net regarding “chilblains” which sounds exactly like what I have. It is caused by cold weather and poor circulation and treatment seems to be cortisone and warm socks until it goes away. Good luck!

  2. First of all, I have had 5 back surgeries in the last ten years. I have had several herniated discs. Due to disc problems and surgeries, I am left with extensive nerve damage. My feet are always very very cold. At times they turn blue. I assume this is from poor circulation. I started getting red swollen bumps on the top of my left big toe about a month ago and it spread from about an 8th of in inch to about an inch in size. I also developed a few more smaller red bumps. I went to see my primary physician and he gave me an antibiotic. The bumps seemed to slowly fade but never really went away. I noticed in the last few days that the bumps are coming back and they are on both large toes and they are spreading the the toes next to the big toes. I again went to an associate of my primary dr. and was told it looks like corns! I know they are not corns! Please help me if you can. THANK YOU!

  3. I have this as well. Because mine is most sever in the winter, I always assumed it was an old frost bit coming back to haunt me, but it switches toes from time to time.Any ideas on what it is?

  4. Hanna, I too have what you are describing. It only comes during the winter and it becomes really really severe at times. I take Claritin and another medicine that widens the veins. I don’t know what else to do, both aren’t really doing anything, and its terrible!