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jammed thumb


I jammed my thumb in basketball.
I have iced it, but still want to play.
I know you ust tape it up but I was wondering the correct way to tape a thumb.Thanks,Kevin Hunt


  1. What am I suppose to do with my freakin’ stupid jammed thumb? It hurts really bad. I am so stupid, i keep on bending it, and it hurts and I don’t know why! What do I do? I did it during lunch and I was eating my sandwhich, and I bit my thumb.

  2. I’ve had to tape my thumbs for years and find now that I can do it much better myself than anyone else (including some excellent trainers). The key is to hold your hand so that all four finger point to the horizon and the thumb point down. Start taping from the back of your hand and wrap around your thumb as low as possible, On the next turn go the other way around the thumb. Three wraps each way is usually good with a finish wrap above and below (not too tight). THe first time it is sometimes too tight on the inside of the thumb. Just take it off and start over or cut the tight spot. THe foam wrap first helps but it won’t make up for a bad tape job.hope that helps. I finally go tmine to heal so I don’t have to tape it.Dotz

  3. Kevin,First of all, you should have your thumb examined by a medical specialist before assuming that it is only sprained, as it could always be a small fracture. Secondly, there are different ways to tape a thumb, and the method depends upon the type and location of the injured ligaments. Without knowing this, it would not be possible to suggest a particular method of taping. Third, taping a thumb is a difficult process…just ask any athlete who has had a coach try to tape his thumb; it is very easy to cut off the circulation. You might be able to find some pictures if you type “taping thumb sprains” into a search on Google. You should try to find a site which shows how to use a 2″ Ace Bandage to stabilize the thumb. Maybe you can get someone to tape it for you, as it is very difficult to self-tape a thumb (or ankle). Try to have a Sportsmedicine Specialist,like a MD, ATC, or PT look at your thumb first; they might have a self-applicable Thumb Support which they can give (or sell) you. Let us know how you make out, and good luck.