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Jones Fracture


I was diagnosed with a Jones Fracture about 9 weeks ago.
I am due to visit the Dr at 10 weeks.
The question that I have is why did the Dr not recommend surgery knowing that I am an active person.
Have you ever seen where an active person has healed from this injury and did not have surgery and was able to return to athletic activites.
Thanks for your help.


  1. Yes, I have seen this. While every doctor has a different way of looking at this, depending on how your fracture looked, I probably would go the conservative route first also. This does not mean you might not still need surgery.

    • Thanks for the quick repsonse I appreciate it. My fracture was not displaced at all and I really have had no pain at all. Is there anything at all that I can do to help the healing process? Etc. Vitmains, minerals.. I have also heard that if you do not have surgery it has a high chance of breaking again is this true? And one last question with no surgery what is the total healing time for this break to return to competitive sports? Thanks again for your help. David

      • Thanks again for your help. I will keep the bone stimulator in mind when I go back to the Dr at 10 weeks. If at this point there is not a union I would assume that I will be in surgery. Will taking extra calcium and a one a day be helpful with the healing process? Thanks again.