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Knee cap dislocation


I am a 20 yr old female.
I play vball at the U of I Springfield.
I have suffered approximately 8 knee cap dislocations on my left knee and about 4 on my right knee.
I suffer constantly with knee pain, my knees pop all the time, and swell.I have had these problems since the 7th grade. Everytime these dislocations happen I am told to rest, compress, ice, and elevate and then continue my therapy. And on some occassions I just get x-rays and told it was a freak accident. Obviously it isn’t since I have had so many. No one seems to listen.
My knee caps are not in groove and I have developed bone spurs.
I need some advice. No one will refer me for an MRI because of the cost of them. Can’t I be tearing up my knee? Can you help me and give me some advice.


  1. I know this is outdated, but you have lousy doctors. I went through similar problems between ages 15-21, however mostly w/ my right knee. Finally after umteen attempts at PT, my dr did a lateral release. And I never had a problem again. I came across your posting cause now my left knee dislocated and didn’t heal properly due to bone spurs developing. I’m trying to find my options for this development.

  2. Ellie,I had many dislocations and my former OS told me I would grow out of it and that I needed to rest my leg. Same as you… The dislocations have been happening since I was 14. At 23 I was in constant pain and kneecap dislocated very easily, changed OSes who told me I had severe maltracking patellae and chondromalacia IV. Had a lateral release/shaving and ended up having a distal realignment. My knee is much better now but the damage is done. I just hope I can have a somewhat painfree life now.Please try finding an OS who understands. This is so important. Once it has dislocated it will happen more frequently and easier. Find a good kneespecialist who is willing to help you. I know this is painfull. just before the realignment I dislocated… doing nothing.Best of luck I’m 25 yo F