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Knee Injury


About 3 weeks ago I was playing in a softball tournament.
I was running to first base, and the next inning my knee was hurting terribly.
I did not hear anything pop.
I did have this knee scoped last year, and the cartilage was shaved off to cover a small area where the cartilage was chipped away.
I could not walk on this leg for the rest of the day or the next day.I went to the ortho.
He did x-rays. But he did not really find anything wrong.
He said that I just bruised it.
To stay off of it for 4 weeks and if was not any better to come back.
He also gave me an Rx for some really strong anti-inflammatory.It has been almost 3 weeks.
Most of the pain is gone, but I still can not put a lot of pressure on that leg.
I also can not stand for long periods of time without pain.I am wondering how long it is really going to take for this to heal. Also, I have noticed that while standing, this leg seems to be rotated out.
So that while my left leg / foot is straight, this one is rotated outward. THis is kind of freaking me out right now.