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Knee Injury–Very Very Bad–Please help!


I twisted my knee about a month and a half ago and it seemed to heal up at first, but then I continued to do my normal activities and continued to injur my knee. Now it is swollen (despite having been on anti-inflammatories for a week now) and my lower leg is swollen and my feet (at the end of the day). It is very stiff and painful. I can bend it to about 90 degrees, and in the pool I have gotten it to about 110 degrees probably, but certainly not on the ground. I have been doing these exercises in the pool recommended by a physiotherapist for about 6 days and there is no improvement when I am not in the pool and it actually hurts more I think. According to an ultrasound, which came back normal, there is no ligament damage.
I need advice. Something is very wrong. It should not be this bad! I’m also worried about the effect the prolonged inflammatory response will have on my tissues, as well as the cause of the inflammation. Any advice or information would be appreciated. Please send me an e-mail. Thank you!


  1. At this time you need to seem someone qualified to diagnos your condition, orthos and chiros are trained at diagnosis. Ultrasonding a knee for diagnostic purposes is intersting. An ortho/chiro will probably x-ray and Rx an MRI, if these are normal see the chiro or PT for rehab for most likely a sprained knee