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Knee meniscus tear


Hi,I usually play squash (similar to racketball for those unfamiliar) and I tore my exterior meniscus, I have seen my orthopedist and he has recomended to have a surgical procedure to repair the tear, the time for recovery without driving (workling) would be too costly for me, does anyone have any experience with this type of injury? are thee any other options? Thanks!


  1. I had meniscus and acl reconsructive surgery 15 years ago. 2 weeks ago I bent down at work and my knee locked up the same as it did 15 years ago before my first surgery i has een getting more flexibility now but still hurts on the inside of my kneeand on the top when put pressure on my leg

  2. Hi.I had arthroscopic knee surgery two weeks ago. The Dr. thought I had a torn meniscus but it ended up being some frayed cartilage which he trimmed off and said to take it easy for a few days. He also said that there could be some osteo-arthritis. Well, I took it easy for a few days and was slowly feeling better so I started doing some more activity. And I think I was on my feet more and I had gone off ibuprofen. Well, all of a sudden I had so much aching in my knee and some swelling. I called back the nurse and she said I should continue to take ibuprofen for the pain as needed (…I thought I was doing so good and had weaned myself off of it…) and to keep icing it and putting it up about 3x a day. Ok, so I did good for the next few days and took care of myself more …well, then I kept getting more active and did some house cleaning on Friday along with a lot of my daughter’s help and did a little shoveling on Sunday. Well, now again yesterday (Sunday) and today I really felt an ache and could hardly walk. So tonight I put it up a bunch again and it is feeling better. But how long do I have to keep up with this routine? When I stretched it out before and put it up higher I could feel the hamstrings pulling. Is this my problem? Am I going to need physical therapy and am I just really feeling stiff in the muscles? I’m getting so frustrated with this. I thought the down time was just 2-3 days. When the nurse called the other day she said that my Dr. had had meniscus surgery last Dec. and he went back to work after only a week and he said that if he had to do it again he would have taken off two weeks. But I didn’t even have a torn meniscus. The nurse said though that I still had the arthroscope digging around in there in the soft tissue and it takes a while to heal…So, my question is Thank you,Dawn Benjamin

  3. With arthroscopic surgery there is maybe 3 days down time. You can probably work and even drive if it is the left leg. You may have something more complicated. Usually this is a successfull surgery where people are very pleased. Back 25 years ago they took the whole meniscus out and had great short term results but terrible long term results because most people got arthritis after a few years. These days they repair the meniscus by trimming and suturing. The arthroscopic surgery is done with 3 small 1/4 inch incisions.