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Knee pain after healed broken tibia!!!


I broke my tibia in a soccer game and went through about 5 months of casts..recently I received the OK from my doctor to run and jump and whatever…so I went out and ran 2 miles…and am now experiencing knee pain below my knee cap towards the inside of my leg…it is a little bit swollen and too painful to run on…what do you think is wrong with it? and how do I get it back up to shape quickly?


  1. my knee hurts after this break in my tibia but so does my ankle and foot! I still have swelling of the foot and ankle as well as my leg! It has been 40 years now! Why

  2. I too broke my tibia and fibula playing soccer a few years ago. I tried getting back into soccer, but because my ankle had been locked in a cast for so long the ankle just was not strong enough and took a beating over a span of about 6 games.No worries though, I am back playing again and what not. I do sometimes think my knee hurts some, and i’ve never had knee trouble. I think it is very important to ease into things. Your body isn’t used to the pounding of a run. I think weights will be vital in restrengthening your body without impact and just slowly get into things. Run on grass etc. Sometimes I still feel where I broke my leg, but I think that is part of it. I wish you luck in your recovery and definitely just try and be smart about strengthening yourself, no matter how anxious you are.