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Knee pain and soreness


Hi, I am a teenage tennis player.I am in my early teens. I have been playing tennis for 3 yrs now. I also did gymnastics for about 4 yrs befor I started tennis. I am now experiencing severe soreness below my knee at my upper shin. Whenever I stand up or run or walk I experience soreness that sometimes causes my leg to collapse me to fall down :(. I have had this soreness before near the time I ended gymnastics and started tennis. But it went away for almost 2 yrs. Now its back and its worse. I have been using a heated pad on my knee. Also, Ive been icing it. and wrapping it up with an ACE bandage. I was told by a friend that it may be growing pains but I dont understand why I dont grow out of it if that is the solution. Please let me know if there is a diagnosis for me. Or an exercise that I can do to help me feel better. I love tennis too much to give it up for a knee injury. Thanks

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  1. Hey I’ve been in the military for 3 yrs. I’m now being Medically boarded out. The first year I was in the military I noticed alot of soreness and sharp pain around the base of my knee. Doctors put it down to shin splints. 2 Yrs. later they found out through x-rays and MRI’s that I, in fact, had a torn ACL, which was almost to the point of extinction it had been ground in between my to joints for so long, and my menicus had flipped on both sides into my ACL slot. My menicus had solidified. When the docs tried to screw it back into place both sides broke off. Now I have no menicus and I’m losing my career. Do yourself a favor get it checked out. The doctors convinced me it was fine as did my friends, now look at what words can make happen.