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knee problems


I have been diagnosed with Osgood Shlatters a few years ago. i know that it is supposed to go away by about 16-7, but i am turnin 20 and i just got it again after not gettin it for a while. do you think that is normal and i could just ice it and take anti-inflammatories?


  1. Hello sir,Here are a few ideas… minimize joint compression througout the knee joints… stretch the hamstrings, iliotibial band, piriformis and quadriceps…(e-mail with questions) Develop strong hip adductors… inner thigh squeezes… straight leg raises, lying on your back will work wonders for the quadriceps and tighten tendons both above and below the kneecap with minimal stress…ice is real good after a long day of being on the knees or when really sore. HOPE this helps… Bye.Jason P.T.