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knee question


after a basketball game my knee became very sore.. so sorte i am unable to extend it straight out. it doesnt hurt to apply weight on it.. when the knee is bent. but to push the knee back to stand allowing the leg to be straight hurts. do u have any idea what my knee problem may be? or what i can do to allow it to feel better?


  1. Sounds like a classic meniscus problem. You should go see your doctor…he may prescribe PT or you may need a knee scope to trim the meniscus. Your unable to straighten your knee because sometimes the meniscus tears and a small piece gets stuck between the bones not letting you totally straighten out your knee…also the swelling may be limiting your knee extension (straightening out your knee). Have you been icing and elevating your leg above your heart to control swelling/pain? It could also be something else…be on the safe side and see a doc.