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knee stiffness from torn menicus


About 6 years ago I tore my lateral menicus in my right knee while playing in a racquetball tournament. I had arthoscopic surgery and approximately 3/4 of the menicus was removed due to severity of the tear. After several weeks of rehab, I was back to playing racquetball but not without experiencing severe stiffness the next 24 to 48 hours. I make sure to stretch it before and after playing and occasionally do some icing. I also wear a patellar tendon strap during play. It dosen’t bother me during play only the next day or two. I am a 45 year old avid racquetball player and a 22 year veteran of the sport that wishes not to retire from it any time soon. I also golf, bike ride, jog, and weight train and do not suffer the pain that I experience after playing racquetball. Is there anything I can do to help my situation without giving up the sport I love so much? Over the last 6 years the problem has gotten worse with father time and harder to deal with. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.