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Knee – Cold Sensation


I am looking for some advice as to what this might be. Or, if you have some personal experience with this, please share!I have been doing martial arts for a number of years and am currently recovering from a knee injury. About 3-4 months ago I was diagnosed with patellofemoral pain, likely due to imbalances of the muscles around both knees. It was hypothesized that the outter structures (IT band, VMO) were tighter and stronger than the inner structures, such as inner quadricep and adductor muscles. After a period of physical therapy, I was released and have been continuing leg conditioning since. Exercises include general strengthening of the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips flexors, and calves, general leg stretching, and foam rolling (myofascial release) of the lateral structures (IT band, VMO). Also, I have been cross training (biking, swimming, jogging, elliptical machines) 1-2 times a week.Leg strength has increased and overall pain has decreased. I can perform all exercises pain-free. However, I now have a cold sensation over both knees during certain activities. These include jogging, prolonged walking, and prolonged sitting. Prolonged sitting also causes some knee pain. The sensation is cold, but certainly not painful…but it is a feeling I have never felt before.Has anyone ever experienced this cold sensation or come across it in their practice? Are there any hypotheses about the cause, implications, and treatment of this cold sensation? In other words, is this normal or is it something I should worry about?Thank you for the help!


  1. Okay so I am not crazy. I also recently wrapped up therapy due to a knee pain resulting from development of R. Arthritis. I’m calling my Dr now.

  2. I have cold knees too and I have somewhat of a solution. When you run or walk or whatever, use those compression sleeves on the knees. That will keep them warm and also keep them from getting sore later.

  3. me too. diagnosed with chondromalacia 28 yrs ago, on rt. knee, (trauma from falling)..both knees now have DJD. sometimes feel to me as if cold liquid running down the inside of them, sometimes the “hole in knee of your pants” cold draft feel. most of the time, even on hot days other people can feel the cold pouring off of them from two inches from my knees. anyone else?

  4. I have been experiencing the same thing for several months. Have been diagnosed with arthritis and just had arthroscopic surgery on right knee. Told my orthorpedic surgeon about coldness in both knees and he dismissed it. He also dismissed my continuing pain after arthroscopic surgery and has now dismissed me and has recommended me to go to a pain management clinic. I can barely walk since the surgery and have to keep a heating pad set on high on my knees they get so cold. If anyone finds out an answer to this I am VERY interested and I will definitely post here if/when I find anything out.

  5. I just noticed this recently. Has anyone on this post found out anything from the doc? I would describe as some of the others. Feels like a cold patch on my RT knee and down the calf a bit. Like there is a hole in my pants and a cold fan is blowing on it. Any Help is appreciated.Thanks

  6. Hi,I have been having a combination of knee pain and the cold sensation in my knees for 2 to three weeks now. They hurt when I’m sitting down. The coldness feels like they have tiger balm or some other numing/menthol cream on them. There is pain in all parts of the knee except the back.

  7. I have the same symptoms in both knees. They started to appear after training for a long-distance running event. I incurred “Runner’s Knee” in both knees during my training. This injury is similiar (if not the same one) as that of the man who created the original post. I don’t know what it is and have not seen a doctor for it, but after learning that others have had similiar symptoms, I will look into it further.

    • i have the same problem. it’s really annoying. i haven’t felt warm since 2 years, even i put hot water bottle on my knee. isn’t there any cure for it?

  8. The excatly i’m having the same kind of cold sensation in my B/L knees since years. I’v taken advise of some of the spesensoredts near by my town, but they couldn’t make any confirmatory diagnosis, they suspects about some arterial circulation defects around my both knees and advise me to get angiography, that i have not done yet due to financial prob. Could you plz tell me Have u seen a spesensoredt or not? what did they advise you?

  9. I get that every once and a while too. But I’ve had it ever since I was little. Oddly enough it no longer occurs in the knee that has the replaced ACL and has given me pain ever since. I only feel it in my good knee.

  10. I have been experiencing the same “cold” sensation in my left knee for the past couple of days. That is the only way I know how to describe it. It feels like a mild throbbing it is experiencing a blast of cold air on it..or something of that nature. The only thing I can figure is that I hyper-extended that knee and felt a bit of discomfort with that..otherwise, no other far as I can remember. I would like to know what this is as well. I looked up arthritis and don’t seem to have those symptoms. Hmm..

    • I have the SAME feeling in my left knee the!! Feels like there is always a hole in my pants on my knee because I keep feeling like cold air is hitting it!! I’m calling a dr tomorrow because Its starting to get really annoying now. I’ve never had a knee injury! what the heck could it be.

  11. hi,i have experienced this cold sensation. i have pain around my knee whenever i bend my knee. often my knees will randomly become cold while the rest of my body is very warm.

  12. Max,
I have been experiencing the same cold sensation above my knee. Did you ever figure out what was causing yours??

Any insight you may have would be greatly appreciated.