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Knee & Heel Pain


I got injured last year in June, while playing Cricket & Jogging. Initally the Ortho doctors diagonised that it can be a meniscus tear. But I did’nt have swelling. MRI scan also came negative. The doctor suspected Patella Problem & suggest me for Surgery. I underwent surgery on March 26th, 2003 on my right knee. Below is the brief description of my surgery. I think u might get info from that description.”The patella tracked slightly laterally in the patellofemoral groove. At the inferior aspect of the patella, there was a evidence of FIBRILLATION and FISSURE in the cartilage 0.5 centimeter in Diameter but not down to bone. The area was dealt with motorized instrumentation effecting chondroplasty smoothing back to a smoother-appearing articular surface”I have similar symptoms on my left knee as well. Dr advised to do surgery on my left leg as well. Eventhough my Rightleg is getting better, i still have a pain when i twist my knee. I feel pain on the nerve which is on the leftside of my right knee. Also i have pain on my both heels. I am worried whether i wud be able to run in future. I want to run & play active sport.

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