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Knuckle injury


I recently hurt my middle knuckle on my left hand pinky finger in a basketball game.
I have found out that I can bend my knuckle backwards from the normal direction.
It seems to be very loose around the knuckle and can be very sore at times but there is very little pain in it when I move it.
I have pain when I hit it though.
What would be your suggestion on treating this injury?
I keep tape around it to keep me from bending the knuckle and that reduces the pain alot.
I am still playing basketball due to our league and our team is plagued with injuries right now.
I can not miss games due to this.
Please help!Jeff


  1. I have also just hurt my knuckel on a door. it really hurts and it is brusing and swelling. should i go to a hospital? please emaiail me back, asap!: lauren