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L5-S1 disc protrusion


MRI done 4-6-05 findings- (1) Mild degenerative disc disease at L1-L2 (2) L3-L4 and L4-L5 minor anular bulge and disc desiccation. (3) L5-S1 disc desiccation. Posterior central disc protrusion. This abuts the midial margin of the right S1 nervve root, without displacement.What does all of this mean. I know it means my back hurts, but can you explain findings- Thank you, Sharon


  1. I have L5-S1 disc protrusion, I have lower back pain. It’s hard for me to bend and if I stay too long sitting it’s hard for me to get up. It’s also hard for me to get up from bed especially in the morning and I experience numbness in my hands especially the right hand. I haven’t been to speciallist yet. I don’t like any kind of surgery. Can this be cured by physiotheraphy alone? Thanks alot for the information.

  2. Hi, i would like to ask about my situation what next? i had my MRI it shows that i have minimal posterocentral bulge L5-S1, i have no back pain i have legs pain specially the both bones through toes.
    My question what next? and there a specifically exercises to reduce pain
    Thank you.

  3. hi i my mri scan says l5 s1 disc shows large left centerolateral extrusion causing compression of left s1 root and indenting thecal sac and rioght s1 root

  4. I have been diagnosed with an L5-S1 disc fissure/protrusion with right radicular symptoms approximately and S1 nerve root distribution; ICD-9 codes are 722.2 and 724.4.What does this mean?

  5. Hi,I need some information regarding if attempting to lift something from the floor (approximatley 120 pounds with assistance from another employee)on a Friday can cause an ‘abuts thecal sac at region of origin of left L5 nerve root sheath’ 3 days later? I had no pain 2 days prior, but on the Monday the pain came on suddenly and I had to go to emergency.

  6. what do you suggest for 6 MM L5 central disc protrusion, asensoreding on the traversing bilateral S1 nerve root?i thought that my neuropathy in both feet was due to chemo therapy, but my chiro. thinks it is due to S1please help me get over this feeling of sand and cenent in my feet.