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Lateral pressure on foot creates pain…??


I have been to my family Physician, and am getting a nerve conduction test for slight numbing on the bottoms of my feet and toes. I also meet all the symptoms of Plantar fasciitis: sharp, knifelike pain, when I first get up in the mornings for the first few steps, also when standing up after sitting for a short period of time. This is driving me nuts!
But here is my question…what would cause the intense pain in my right foot with the slightest pressure (like squeezing my foot from the sides)? It wakes me at night, just the slightest bit of pressure from the sheets on that foot when I lay on my side. My podiatrist pressed between my toes, nothing. Tapped on the sides, nothing. But you squeeze it, even ever-so-gently and WOW, it hurts. Imagine holding the foot in your hand with your thumb just below the big toe and your other fingers just below the little toe, then squeeze, it’ll hurt.Any thoughts??


  1. There is nothing more helpful than examining the foot personally. I am not certain of anything but I will note what I might consider. Please do not take this as a diagnosis. My first consideration would be astress fracture in your foot. Other considerations could include a bone tumor or cyst. An MRI or bone scan might be more helpful than a NCV.This is just my opinion from a great distance.Good luck.

    • The podiatrist took an x-ray and it did not indicate any stress fractures or bony tumors. When I rub the bottom of my foot, the tendons are really painful.