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left arm numbness


Dear Sir/MamI have been having problems with my left arm lately especially after I take a nap or when I wakeup my it feels as if there is no blood in my left hand and my left arm is feeling extreamly weak and numb. I know it is not the way I do sleep since I always sleep on my right side or back, I did all my blood work done which did come, out ok with an EKG so I know it is not a heart problem. After I did my MRI, there were mild buldges on e3, e4, e5 and one of them was hitting a nerve but it was not pinching it. I also notice that it gets alot worse after I do Physical Training, I am in the army so I can not get out of it. The army doctor here said that it has nothing to do with my neck and it must be a nerve on my arm. I am really confused and don’t know what to do.Sincerely Alpay Orcan


  1. i had the same problem and it arose because i was using my left arm under my pillow when i slept on my side, both tension and lack of blood flow affects the nervous system, after days of stretching exercises and praying i got my stregnth back.

  2. The problem in your neck can be a definite cause. The nerves that exit the neck or cervical spine supply the upper extremity. If you have a disc bulge that is touching the nerve, that is enough to cause the nerve to become inflamed and cause cervical radiculitis. another common problem is called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). I suggest you see a chiropractor. A chiropractor can evaluate this and determine if this is coming from your neck or your shoulder/arm or TOS.

    • Greetings!!I have been experiencing quite a while this discomfort in my left arm/fingers cause it numbs any time of the day especially it become more prominent during night tine when i go to bed.What is the cause of this? I have been taking persantin 25mg for heart med. for now.Thank you and hoping for your response.christine