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left foot drop and slap, cant walk..HELP please.


I believe Ive been incorrectly diagnosed with peroneal neuropathy with left foot drop. Ive had 5 MRIs and 4 EMGs, and have seen MD after MD,to no avail. These tests have all been negative, yet no one can figure out why my left foot drags and slaps. I have a full AFO, but that doesnt really help. My life is horribly affected, and its been 2 years. Is there something in my ankle that could cause this?? What should I get.. an X-ray or MRI, and what would we be looking for?? Ive had a course of PT. No luck. Any ideas? Thank you so much.


  1. You are understandably frustrated. First I would ask what type of doctors you saw- neurologist, orthopedist, podiatrist etc. What were the MRIs and EMG’s of? How long has this been going on?What exactly does your AFO look like? Does it have a dorsiflexory assit?Have you had a stroke?Do you have a family history of any neurological diseases?Do you have a prior history of poilo, high fever, brain trauma?These are some of the things I would start out with, but space does not permit me running through all the questions I would ask.

    • Thank you. Ive seen many MDs: ortho,neuro,podiatrist, vascular, physiatrist etc. MRIs have been done on my brain, spinal chord, solar plexus, leg, and peroneal nerve. All are negative. X-Rays of hips and toes, negative, four EMGs of left leg, unremarkably positive. Ive had no stoke, am perfectly healthy (almost 50 yrs old) Very fit and trim, I pass all tests, but for the last 2 years, I have had a terrible time walking. I have a bank of up to 50 steps, then I start dragging and slapping my left foot!! Should I now start looking at my ankle?? There is NO pain anywhere, just fatigue from the limping. Im on my feet all day at work (12 hour shifts) My full plastic AFO doesnt help. I limp through it. Thank you so much.