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left foot sesmoid bone


I sprained my ankle about a month ago.
I am still having problems with it.
I had an x-ray.
I was told it was negative for fractures, but my sesmoid bone is in two parts.
What could this be?
What is the treatment for this?


  1. I went to the doctors for my foot hurting and he took xrays and told me that i have a hole in my sesmoid he gave me a cortizone shot..that lasted about 6 months and now it hurts again..what are my options..another cortizone shot or surgery?????

  2. My guess is that you are reading a radiologist’s report. They generally comment of all the findings. If you are referring to one of the sesamoid bones under the first metatarsal head then that is not an uncommon finding. If it is not where you are hurt, then you should not be overly concerned.