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Left hand and foot numbness


I am beginning to have a left hand burning sensation and left hand weakness. I have been to a neurologist and she stated that I have mild carpal tunnel, but I told her that my main problem is that on both hands on the ring and pinky finger feel like they are burning all the time. my foot just feels like it is not there and whenI work out, I can see the contraction on my left side( leg and arm) but I can not feel it the same as my right. I have had EMG test that came back that every thing was normal. MRI of the brain that was normal. and a MRI of the spine that showed only mild degeneration of the cervical area. what is goping on here?


  1. My problem is burning and tinging sensation on my leg and arm.Usualy it occurs when Iam sitting and working some time I feel numbness also on legs.If I walk I feel more weight on my leg but the numbness and burning sensation moderately reduced.I consulted neurologist ,he suggested to take Vit B12 tablet .I got little relief but still the problem continueing .I got mild spondylytis ,this problem dueto thatkindly reply