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left sided pain


Two weeks ago, I had sharp stabbing pain in my left knee and the orthopedist said I had a torn meniscus that would require surgery. I have also had intermittent left hip pain over the past couple of years before this, but did not seek treatment as it was not severe.
The ortho ordered a lumbar MRI and it showed nothing but schmorls nodes in the inferior endplates of T12 and L1. He referred me to a spine specialist for work up before he would fix my knee. Yesterday I bent over to get a bag of flour off the bottom shelf in my kitchen and had electriclike shocks and pain in my left arm and neck followed by pins and needles pain. This morning I am experiencing a lot of burning pain in the left arm and neck in addition to my knee and hip pain. I am only 39 years old and have been previously healthy except for the intermittent left hip pain. I left a message with my ortho office for the doc yesterday and have received no reply. I am taking no medications except Advil at this time, and receiving no relief.
This is my first experience with severe pain and right now I feel helpless to help myself and I do not like feeling that way. Thank you for your time and input. Tania