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leg flexiblity or lack of …


Is there anything to help speed up the stretching exercises in order to become more flexible. I am unable to touch my toes. Stretching doesn’t see to work. Would muscle relaxers used while stretching help or massages? My legs are just real stiff. I use to be more active and way more fleible. Not so active but have been working on the stretches in hopes to be more flexible. I am not over weight. There have been no injuries.


  1. I don’t think muscle relaxers are the best thing to take to stretch a muscle. Muscles stretch easier if they are warmed up. A couple of suggestions to warm up the muscle….do some aerobic activity like biking to “warm” up the muscles or sit in a warm bathtub or use hot packs. Hold the stretch at the end of the range for at least 30 seconds…DO NOT bounce.