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Levoscoliosis of the Lumbar Spine, etc.


My teenage daughter fell from the stairs. Her x-ray result stated that she has: mild levoscoliosis of the lumbar spine, vertebral bodies. Disc spaces are preserved. Pedicles are intact. Will she be ok? What do these medical terms mean?


  1. I had just recently had xrays done and the results came back as these definition please explain what they mean ? and will these changes cause me to loose more function and/or my range of motion ? to the result of not being able to work on my feet.1-levoscoliosis of the spine2-marginal hypertrophic spurrings involving lumbar bodies3-schmorl’s nodesinvolving superior endplates

  2. I had an X-Ray for Low Back Pain after hurting my lower back at work. The results were the examination show minimal Levoscoliosis, No fracture, There is Spondlolisthesis of L5 with about 5mm subluxation of L5 over S1. There is Significant osteoarthiritis of teh articular facets of the lower lumbar spine and minimally of the vertebral bodies. The intervertebral spaces and the pedicles are normal. There is a large amount or retained feces within the colon. Could you please tell me what to do about this. My doctor keeps saying it is just a strained muscle, but my lower back hurts on a scale of 6 or 7 every day. This accident happened two weeks and 2 days ago. I have burning sensation in my lower back and I also have pains that shoot down my left leg. My right wrist is also sore. Please let me know what I should do.

  3. What is Levoscoliosis of the lumbar spine? And what is disease at all lumber intervertebral dis levels(degenerative disc.