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Lifted Toenail and Nailbed


I stubbed my toe pretty well in April, finally in August the toenail lifted off of the nailbed.
The underlying toenail was looking pretty good, but I have noticed that it seems to push in to the tissue that was under the original toenail.
I am afraid it will turn into an ingrown nail.
Should I clip the skin at the end of my toe to help this new nail grow over it?
Respectfully, Dee


  1. A new nail will grow and push the old one off. If it is hanging you can clip or file it so it does not snag your hose.

  2. I have cracked the nail of the big toe at the base. It is loose and barely hanging on. Should i go to Dr.Will there be anything underneath should the nail come off? Thanks Lois

  3. If it is not hurting, leave it alone. The new nail has to scrape into the bed to reattach. If it hurts, I recommend you see a podiatrist.