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liz frank injury


I was wondering wether you knew anything about the liz frank foot injury. I have recently recieved this injury in both of my feet. Do u know the recovery time also. thank you

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  1. Consider yourself lucky if you still have your foot and can walk. I had one with displacement. They told me it was not uncommon to have to amputate the foot. Painful recovery. Keep elevated and plenty of ice. Physical therapy includes those stretchy straps. I used a red one. Different colors have different resistance. Excercises in a pool, inclined leg presses with only body weight, stationary bike. I walked when I could short distances at first with crutches. Get the surgeries. One for the pins and screws, and one to remove the screws. The pins don’t hurt when they pull them out. Don’t worry about how bad they look sticking out of your foot. It will get better. At least 6 months recovery. Cast for 3 months. Fracture walker for 2-3 months. You can have tingling toes when rub top of foot if you have nerve damage. After a few years you may have pain on the top of your foot taking your shoe off. Arthritis may set in.

  2. Good Luck…I suffered the same injury on Sept 23,2003. I was in a full cast for nearly 3 months and then a walking cast for 6 weeks after. I have been in Physical therapy for 1 month and I was just informed it takes about a year and in some case more than that to fully recover. Im 6 months in and progressing, but it is difficult. I cant imagine it for both feet.