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Longstanding Back and Spine Problems -Help!


I was involved in 2 MVAs 3 days apart about 15 years ago and have had worsening pain since.
I went to PT which hurt more than helped and was discharged.
I went to a chiropractor several years ago and never felt better, but the pain is two-fold now as it has been several years.
He did x-rays and noted the injury to my cervical spine and curvature or bulge as well as degeneration to a moderate degree in my cervical and thoracic spines with curvature and mild degeneration in my lumbar spine.
He treated me with adjustments, some kind of electrical stimulation with moist heat, a water massage machine, and some kind of table with a roller going up and down my spine about 8 years ago.
My pain now is almost unbearable now with sharp shooting pains in my neck and back, behind my shoulder blade, sometimes into my shoulder from my neck, burning, aching, throbbing pains in my neck and thoracic areas of my back with occasional associated muscle spasms.
I don’t know what the answer is for me to do at this point after a round of therapy immediately after the MVAs and several visits to a chiropractor in N. TX.
I was also curious as to what kind of test my chiropractor was performing when he asked me to lie on the examining table and asked me to stick out my tongue while he pushed down my arm.
He could push my arm down with ease, but after adjusting me, we repeated this technique, and he could not push down my arm.
What was he testing? Thanks for any answers and additional thoughts about this severe pain and what else could be going on after all this time.