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Lordosis and reverse spinal curve


Hi there, i’m a personal trainer and a chiropractor came to my gym giving free examinations. i got myself checked and he told me to come down to his practice because he wanted to see some x-rays etc. I went down, got the x-rays and they show a reverse neck curve and lordosis in my lower back. He wanted to set me up with a standard plan of 3 visits a week for 4 months, then 2 visits a week for 3 months, then 1 visit a week for the rest of the year. The problem i had with this is that he wanted me to sign a sheet to lock me in for the year and the plan seemed standardized for every person who came in. How can every person need the exact same plan and how can he know that it was going to take exactly that long. he also wanted to lock me in to a $2,500 price. I am worried because i know what a healthy spine should look like but i don’t think his method seems ethical.I went to another chiropractor and he told me a may need 5 or 6 adjustments but did not seem worried about the shape of my spine or even about fixing my posture. He just said come in and if you have no pain after u need no more adjustments. The problem i have with this is that i think my spine needs correction but it needs to be suited to me. I’ve heard lots of different opinions such as the muscles form to support the spine in whatever position in gets put in. the other opinion is that without correction my nervous system will not function properly.Can you please help me i am really quite unsure of what to do. I think i may see and osteopath because i have heard much better more tailered plans from people who have been to them.What is your opnion?


  1. Honestly i dont know how you can tell me this mans treatment seems about right. You havn’t even seen my problem and have no idea if it is fixable. i can say i have been a martial artist for 16 years but whether or not it is effective is a different story. To me it seems like if you get schooled in a certain way you tend to beleive it is the gospel truth whether or not it is or isn’t. i’m not saying your not a good chiropractor, i just think that you beleive your way it the only way. sorry for sceptisism but you did not answer my question.

  2. Dear PatrickMy name is Dr Gambale and i am a chiropractor for more then 22 years. You can consider your self fortunate enaugh to find a chiropractor that belives can correct your loss of neck curve.His program seems appropriate and of resonable cost.5-6 adjustments would not fix your problem and that chiropractor is not your best option.Asck the chiropractor if he is using our posture recurver system if not i will strongly recomand to see a chiropractor that has our system and he is uses in the office. You can see the Posture recurver system online at for in office Chair and curvesolutionsusa . com for take home unit that i personaly recomand.Fell free to visit as online and if you need more healp with your problems please give me a call for a free consultation at toll free 877-602-7248Kind regards Dr Gambale