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low back pain, possible sacroiliac problem?


Hi, i’ve been suffering from bad lower back pain for over a year now, and as i’m only 19, and been of work for 6 months(which i’ve now been forced to resign from) i’m close to breaking point.
It started over a year ago after a football match i started to develop what felt like some kind of strain on the right side of my lower back at the top of my iliac crest. As i worked in a call centre full time, unknown to me at the time my posture deteriorated and the injury turned into a lot more.
Now, to cut a long story short, i suffer from bad pain at the bottom of my back where at looking at detailed diagrams i would describe as the sacroiliac joint. Some points i’ve noticed:i am in pain when i sit down and feel pressure in the area. i cant sit down for long periods of timei feel discomfort all day long and i get random shooting pains when doing everyday tasks. it feels stiff when leaning backwards and hurts when i get to a certain point. if i lie on my front and bend my knees with my feet in the air, when they go by 90 degrees my back gets extremely painfull.walking eases the pain.standing still for long periods hurts toolying on my back eases the pain at first but when i lie down too long it starts to get sore.i have got tight hamstrings(but im working on that)the pain eases slightly if i use a lumber support when sittnglying on my side is soreI’ve also developed pain in my heels.
i’ve been strengthening my core for months now so the area does not have muscle weakness. my physiotherapist is dismissing it as mechanical but i think theres more to it. Can you help?

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  1. Go to a chiropractor and get checked out, unlike a physio, a chiropractor is a doctor and can order the necessary tests to rule out any none mechanical or organic problems that could be the cause of your pain.