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low back pain with buttocks pain


It all started with pregnancy in 2000. My left lower SI Joint would hurt when I first got out of bed. Then after pregnancy I started my running again and had severe lower left side back pain, diagnosed as the SI Joint.
I let that heal for 1.5 mths with no running.
Then I ran about 3 times a week with controlled pain.
In December, I started to incorporate squats in my weight routine and then I started with hamstring tendonitis symptoms and have had them ever since. I’ve been doing physical therapy for 10 weeks with some improvement. I also saw a chiro for 5 visits with no improvement. An xray was ordered and I was found to have a tiny arthritic spur on on vertebrae and also a bone abnormality with the bottom vertebrae. The chiro’s diagnosis was that the bone abnormality is causing the left side to be weak and then he referred me to the sports rehad person who wanted to start me on physical therapy-which I was already still doing.
I’m a 36 year old very active woman.
The problem with the hamstring flares up with fast walking and running.
I think it’s SI joint dysfunction.
The chiro just cracked my back by pushing my shoulder back towards the table and my buttocks in towards the table.
Is there something else other than this for SI joint? Thank you for your time..