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lower back and hip pain


When I walk on the treadmill, I have no problems.
When I walk outside on sidewalks, inclines, etc., my lower back and hips become very very sore and I have to return home.
What could this be?

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  1. Lower back and hip pain are often experienced together. Pain in the hips is commonly related to many causes of lower back pain. Back pain is a terrible experience, but combined with pain in the hips, it has the ability to really affect a persons mobility. Hip problems are especially common in elderly patients.The lower back and hips work together to support and stabilize our posture. It is common for pain that affects one area to also have a direct or sympathetic effect on the other. Proper diagnosis is crucial for successful treatment. Make sure to inform your doctor of any changes in your normal back pain and tell them if any symptoms spread to the hips.I sugest a chiropracter.