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Lower Back Pain


The past two Saturdays I have gone swimming for about 30 mins. each time. The first time on Sunday I got up with a sore lower back which woresened as the day progressed. By Monday morning I could hardley walk. I had problems all week. By Friday thing had improved greatly so Saturday I went swinming again. I have had no pain while swimming, but aft getting oout of the water and wihile dressing on the second Saturday I noticed the pain returning. On the secon Sunday I could not get out of bed. I had to roll out of the bed and crawl till I could get up. It took several mins. Here it is Wednesday and I am still have pain even though it is better. I am assuming that I am hyperextending the lower back? Any suggestion as to treatment and what I can do to strengthen so that it won’t occure.


  1. What you have is probably a facet joint problem. That is what I gather from what you have described. The facet joints are the joints of the back of the spine that articulate with the vertebra above. When hyper-extending you are loading these joints. These joints are loaded with pain receptors and when provoked, you feel it! They become inflamed and this inflammation causes nerve compression which in turn leads to muscle spasms. When you could not get out of bed that was because the muscles were going into spasm. Its very painful and will make your knees wobble. You could have caused a misalignment of the vertebra, this is called a subluxation. Strengthening the area at this point is not the solution. See a chiropractor to address the vertebra and realign them. Then exercises strengthening the abdominal muscles and the erector spinae muscles of the back will stabilize the spine and pelvis. Look at this to get an idea of where the facet joints are.sensored://