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lower back pain


I had an MRI done with a local Chiropractor and I found out that I have 3 Protruded Disc.I was scheduled Physical Theraphy but was way too painful to handle the exercises recommened by the theraphist.I now need Aquadic theraphy.I am in need of the exercises to do in a swimming pool.Please HELP!!! I can not walk,sit,drive,bend,stoop dwn to well because of the continuing pain from lower back,legs,hips and both feet.I was also dignosed with plantar ficiitis in both feet I have delt with this ongoing pain for 2 yrs.


  1. i have lower back pain that goes down my right leg to my knee an foot it hurts all the time i cant do anything even life is destroyed because of this meds dont even in constant pain 24/7.i really need help to see what my alternatives for this could be .HELP ME PLEASE

  2. I had an MRI done plus X-Rays and it shows bulging on disc, plus deteration in the disc and a nerve root that has pressure on it. Will water theraphy help?

    • My mom was just told she has a pinched nerve in her leg and she just had MRI and the doctor told her her disc’ in her spin are deteriorating and she has a disease and she doesn’t know what it means what does it mean?

  3. I have the digenative disc disease. My pain is so bad that I can’t move most of the time. It makes me so sick from pain that I throw up. I have medicaid and my doctor said that I need disc replacement sergery but nobody will do the surgery because I am on medicaid. I have 3 young children and I am a single mother. What can I do with this pain because my doctor said that I am to young to be put on pain medicine. I cannot even play with my kids like I used to be able to do. I need help from this pain.