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lower back spasm, intense pain, please advise.


: My back has been in spasm, 3rd time, this is the worst. I have meds at my disposal but what is the best relief, walking? blood flow? I don’t want to live my life on pills. This spasm is on the lower right, really between the hip area and the spine. It feels like a cramp and a bad tooth ache combined, very deep and debilitating. Any advice is welcome. I have used ice pax and pills,lortab, skelaxin, and an anti inflamitory. seems western medicine is a ‘treat the symptom’ kind of medicine to me, perpetuates the drug biz. We need to fix the problem and lead healthy lives,not keep the pill and insurance industry in a money making position forever an ever.WyzangelFrom what I have read here no one answers this mess board, we can just freakin write to each other here, about anything, yes?


  1. I recently experienced the same pain as you describe -also for the third time. I am 56 yrs. old and it is the worst pain I have ever had. Initially it feels like all the muscles of the lower back go into instant spasm so that to bare the pain, I have to hit the floor and draw my knees towards my chest in order to not scream out in pain. I cannot move for 20-30 minutes.10 days later I still move very guardedly. I wonder if the ligaments have torn or the muscles themselves. It too can find no definitive answer as to what has happened. I DO have confirmed disc problems. Any luck on your end??