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Lower Leg Injury


Hi, my name is Andrew and i’m a middle distance runner. Last year after training hard for 6 months I had to take time off (6 months) due to a supposed stress fracture that left me with pain the inside of my right leg as I walked. Now today as I continue to train indoors, i begin to feel that weird sensation around the same area that I injured last year (medial area of my shin) . The level of pain is different, yet it still bothers me as I run.
What I’d like to know is how to distinguish whether it is a stress fracture or simply shin splints or how to judge whether I should continue or stop running before this small pain escalates to a point where i walk in pain.Thank you,-Andrew Roberts


  1. Andrew…a simple x-ray could rule out a stress fracture…so you should go to your doctor and have some diagnostic testing. I also suggest you stop running till then.